When we start working on the concept realization, we draw the circuit diagrams which we are able to design utilizing single- or even multi-layered printed circuit boards. Aside from the circuit diagrams we also develop embedded systems (microcontrollers, FPGAs) and the user interface software for such systems in accordance with the client's needs and requirements, from simple hardware operational software to complex graphical programs running on a personal computer and everything in between. We are able to carry out the complete product development up to shelf-readiness starting with sheer ideas and concepts.

-power electronics circuit engineering (battery management, power supplies, etc.)
-digital small-signal circuit engineering (embedded control systems, data gathering tools, etc.)
-custom circuit engineering based on client input
-circuit diagrams and board schematics - Mentor Graphics PADS Software Family Products
-8-bit Atmel and Microchip microcontroller programming in C language
-Xilinx FPGA programming in VHDL language
-PC side operating software development in C++ and C# languages